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13 - 19.12.2010 Tydzien akcji przeciw firmom korzystajacym z uslug HLS

AstraZeneca, Sanofi, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Bayer, Merck Shering Plough - to tylko kilka z nich
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Sample E-mail

Dear Sir / Madam,

I am writing to express my concern over your continual support of Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS). As you have already been made aware, HLS is Europe's most exposed animal testing laboratory and have been filmed cutting open monkeys while still alive, punching animals in the face, falsifying experimental test data and flouting regulations on a regular basis.

In late 2008 HLS were exposed yet again, during which time you were personally funding experiments on primates. Not only did the breeding farm in Vietnam not meet basic UK animal welfare standards, but the conditions of the animals when housed inside HLS was extremely poor; some monkeys were missing limbs, had skin problems or other infections. Monkeys routinely escaped from cages, resulting in some being raped and attached. The monkeys were excessively stressed during procedures, which will undoubtedly affect experimental results. You can see the full report here:

During a recent inspection of HLS' Cambridgeshire facilities, you claimed the animals 'did not suffer'. As a company that experiments on animal yourselves, you will be well aware that all animal experiments in England are licensed by the UK government – and these licenses are given out upon a judgement of suffering level – from 'mild' to 'substantial'. Therefore, to claim that animals do not suffer inside HLS is absolutely absurd. I would suggest you visit HLS without notice, as I am sure you will witness a very different picture.

As a company that claims to achieve excellence and reliability in drug research, I am surprised to learn that you contract experiments inside a laboratory that has had their license revoked and exposed falsifying test data for clients. I would like to use this opportunity to request that you cease your contracts with this horrendous laboratory and invest in more reliable sources of data research.

Yours sincerely…
[ your name ]

Napisz do tych, którzy hodują zwierzęta dla laboratoriów takich jak HLS

Proszę o wysłanie maila do firm hodujących i dostarczających zwierzęta do laboratoriów:
Blades Biologicals: ku.oc.oib-sedalb|ofni#ku.oc.oib-sedalb|ofni
Charles River: moc.lrc|ofni#moc.lrc|ofni
Managing director: moc.ukb|byrreg#moc.ukb|byrreg
Marshall Farms:
Harland Poland: moc.nalrah|ed.smr#moc.nalrah|ed.smr
Harlan UK: moc.nalrah|ku.smr#moc.nalrah|ku.smr
Harlan ma oddziały w wielu krajach, wszystkie adresy:

adresy w bloku:

Treśc maila:

To whom it may concern,

I'm writing to express my disgust that you not only breed and supply animals to
their deaths inside laboratories, but you also choose to supply the world's
most exposed lab – Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS). This laboratory has been
exposed seven times in just over ten years. When you pack animals off to this
lab, they face a lifetime of torture in a place where workers have been seen
punching puppies in the face, cutting open primates whilst still alive,
beating, throwing and shaking animals, and routinely flouting animal welfare
and laboratory guidelines. HLS have been caught out so many times breaking the
law that they've had their license revoked for animal cruelty.

I would like to ask that you cease supplying animals to this laboratory

Yours sincerely,
[imię, nazwisko, kraj]

Jak odciąc dopływ pieniędzy

Dzięki akcjom mailowym i demonstracjom udaje się zniechęcac firmy, które inwestują w torturowanie zwierząt. Po tym jak wycofali się najwięksi akcjonariusze HLS pora na tych, którzy udzielają pożyczek. HLS jest wystarczająco zadłużoną firmą by zbankrutowac, jednak ciągle znajdują się chętni do wspierania

HLS ciągle prosperuje dzięki pożyczkom, które otrzymało w 2006 roku. Jedną z firm, która udzieliła pożyczki jest Anchor Sub Funding, założone w Luksemburgu przez kilku dyrektorów BDO Compagnie Fiducaire, tylko po to by udzielic HLS pożyczki w wysokości 30 milionów dolarów.
Dalsze poszukiwania SHAC zaprowadziły do kolejnej firmy - Fortress Investment Group, międzynarodowego konsorcjum, które posiada swoje biura w kilku krajach na Świecie. Z zebranych dowodów wynika, że to właśnie Fortress Investment Group przekazało pieniądze dla HLS.

Proszę o wysłanie poniższego maila wzywającego Fortress Investment Group do wycofania pożyczki udzielonej HLS.

Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing to you in relation to a $30 million loan that has been made to
Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) via your Drawbridge Special Opportunities Fund.
Without this loan HLS could not remain open and therefore Fortress are in large
part responsible for the cruel and violent actions going on inside HLS. The
fact that Fortress have set up a front company in Luxembourg called Anchor Sub
Funding shows that a lot of effort has been put into keeping this loan secret,
presumably to stop HLS' horrific record of cruelty, violence and law breaking
from tarnishing Fortress' reputation.

HLS have a long history of violence; they were most famously exposed in 1997
when channel 4 TV filmed workers punching beagle puppies in the face. In 2005
ex workers spoke out about cruelty they had witnessed and in 2008 Animal
Defenders International went undercover inside HLS exposing cruel primate
experiments and disgusting conditions. HLS also have a track record of law
breaking and manipulation of data. During just one primate study, HLS broke the
law 526 times; and workers have been caught taking drugs and drinking on site.

HLS' financials are in a dire state, and there is a high risk that HLS would
fail to make its loan repayments to you, you may already be aware that they
have failed to meet loan commitments during 2009. This is due to a significant
loss in custom and terrible share price, on top of this many of their
shareholders are filing class action lawsuits against HLS after HLS' board of
directors accepted CEO Andrew Baker's offer to buy out the failing company for
a very low price of $8.50 a share.

Please don't take my word for it, if you want to see the state HLS are in
please read the Plymouth Report which HLS recently filed with the SEC: am
urging you to explore all get out clauses in this loan and reel it in. I also
urge you to raise these issues with everyone you can within the company and do
everything in your power to halt your support of Huntingdon Life Sciences.
Please raise this issue at any meetings you attend, and let all your colleagues
know about HLS.

For further information, please visit:

Yours faithfully

[Twoje imię, nazwisko, kraj]

Fortress' Board of Directors

Wesley R. Edens
Principal and Co-Chairman of the Board

Daniel H. Mudd
Chief Executive Officer and Director

Peter L. Briger, Jr.
Principal and Co-Chairman of the Board

Robert I. Kauffman
Principal and Director

Randal A. Nardone
Principal and Director

Michael E. Novogratz
Principal and Director

Dr. Richard N. Haass

Daniel N. Bass
Chief Financial Officer

Douglas L. Jacobs

Howard Rubin

Takumi Shibata

George W. Wellde Jr.

Fortress employees directly involved in the Anchor loan:

Michael Polidoro

Michael Eggenberg

Scott Silvers

Wszystkie adresy:

moc.vnissertrof|snedew#moc.vnissertrof|snedew, moc.vnissertrof|ddumd#moc.vnissertrof|ddumd, moc.vnissertrof|regirbp#moc.vnissertrof|regirbp, moc.vnissertrof|regirbp#moc.vnissertrof|regirbp, moc.vnissertrof|namffuakr#moc.vnissertrof|namffuakr, moc.vnissertrof|enodranr#moc.vnissertrof|enodranr, moc.vnissertrof|ztargovonm#moc.vnissertrof|ztargovonm, moc.vnissertrof|ssaahr#moc.vnissertrof|ssaahr, moc.vnissertrof|ssabd#moc.vnissertrof|ssabd, moc.vnissertrof|sbocajd#moc.vnissertrof|sbocajd, moc.vnissertrof|niburh#moc.vnissertrof|niburh, moc.vnissertrof|atabihst#moc.vnissertrof|atabihst, moc.vnissertrof|edllewg#moc.vnissertrof|edllewg, moc.ssertrof|orodilopm#moc.ssertrof|orodilopm, moc.ssertrof|grebneggem#moc.ssertrof|grebneggem, moc.ssertrof|srevliss#moc.ssertrof|srevliss

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